Beginner Guitar Riffs

If you’re looking for beginner guitar riffs, then checkout the video lesson below. Colin Daniel has done a nice job of covering this cool beginner blues lick. It comes out of the E pentatonic minor scale, which is an important one to know for players of all levels.

If you’d like further beginner guitar licks from Colin (with tab!), you can find more here.

One thing I’d really like to stress for beginner players is to go ahead and learn cool guitar riffs, but make sure you learn the scale that relates to those riffs, and learn how the riffs relate to the scale. Once you know how to do that, then you essentially have everything you need in order to move that riff to any location on the fretboard, which means you can play it in any key you want!

In this manner, simple beginner guitar riffs can be modified to fit pretty much any song or genre you find yourself wanting to play. Once you get a handle on transposing licks, with a little ingenuity you can literally fit them into pretty much anything.

Colin has a free course setup to help beginners learn exactly these principles, and you can get started here.

Find More Beginner Blues Licks Here

Boogie Woogie Riffs

Ever wanted to play a mean boogie woogie riff? Well in this lesson Colin from will teach you exactly that. These boogie woogie riffs are used a lot, in many different styles of music.

The shuffle riff comes out of the power chords, and you basically add on the VI note from the scale, so you’ve got the I and the V, with the added VI from that key which gives you that alternating grooving, driving sound. Very cool stuff.

In this lesson, Colin digs into the key of A a bit, so you can use the same pattern, just shifting strings between the E A and D strings. Remember, the I IV V chords in the key of A are A, D, and E.

Alright, grab your axe, and have some boogie woogie fun!

Eric Clapton Licks

This lesson covers a few licks inspired by Eric Clapton’s style. That said, you’re also going to find some BB King influence in this video as well.

This lesson covers G major, which is a great blues key.

You’ll learn a few little scale boxes that are good to know as well. Once you get a little scale box in your brain, play it over and over and over until you can do it in your sleep. Familiarity is key.

Pay attention in this lesson, and you’ll pickup lots of Eric Clapton’s licks.

Checkout the bit around 9:50 or so, it’s pretty cool. There’s lots in this lesson, so grab your guitar, pause the video often and try to play the things he teaches as you go through the video. Then, pick something and really work it over afterwards. Even better, grab a jam track and practice over that.

If you dig Marty’s teaching style, you can find a ton more of his blues guitar lessons at this link.

Joe Bonamassa Inspired Guitar Lick

Here’s a cool Joe Bonamassa inspired guitar lick. This one works off the open E to create a really cool driving kind of rhythm thing.

Check it out!