Eric Clapton Licks

This lesson covers a few licks inspired by Eric Clapton’s style. That said, you’re also going to find some BB King influence in this video as well.

This lesson covers G major, which is a great blues key.

You’ll learn a few little scale boxes that are good to know as well. Once you get a little scale box in your brain, play it over and over and over until you can do it in your sleep. Familiarity is key.

Pay attention in this lesson, and you’ll pickup lots of Eric Clapton’s licks.

Checkout the bit around 9:50 or so, it’s pretty cool. There’s lots in this lesson, so grab your guitar, pause the video often and try to play the things he teaches as you go through the video. Then, pick something and really work it over afterwards. Even better, grab a jam track and practice over that.

If you dig Marty’s teaching style, you can find a ton more of his blues guitar lessons at this link.

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