Country Licks on Guitar

Here’s a cool country guitar lick for you from Bob Ryan and Marty Schwartz.

This lick is partially pentatonic, and partially chromatic, and the combination makes it sounds really cool. It’s in the key of A major, and it uses an extension of that major scale pattern.

The only thing I’d disagree with Bob on this one is the fingering; I think it is more consistent to use the 3rd finger for the starting note rather than the middle finger as he does. Then the chromatic bit happens with your second, third and fourth fingers, keeping all your fingers neatly lined up one per fret.

But however you choose to place your fingers, this country lick is an ear-pleaser, and worth adding to your arsenal.


  1. Bobryanguitar says:

    thx jonathan …dig the site .. i said i use that fingering for a reason… that fingering was thought out… just sayin : ).. bob thx again ..

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