Guitar Licks Galore!

Well if you’re the kind of guy or gal that likes learning new guitar licks, welcome! That’s pretty much all we talk about here, as you’ll find out soon enough. Guitar scales, chords, progressions, and all the other things you can learn on the guitar are all really important, but sometimes the only thing you want to do is learn a new guitar lick, something you can drop in your toolbox and pull out later to impress your jam buddies.

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One of the most important things you need to keep in mind every time you’re learning new guitar licks is to pay attention (or try to figure out) which guitar scale pattern that riff is coming from. Once you understand how it fits in with the scale pattern, you’ll be able to move it elsewhere on the fretboard, transposing it into any key you wish.

Another cool trick is to dissect the guitar lick, and learn to play it in a different scale pattern from the same key. Obviously the fingering will be different, as you’re changing scale positions; however you’ll also end up with a slightly different sound and way of approaching the lick than you would have had before.

To get started, check out the most recent guitar licks below, or have a look in the sidebar if you’re hunting for something specific.

Beginner Guitar Riffs

If you’re looking for beginner guitar riffs, then checkout the video lesson below. Colin Daniel has done a nice job of covering this cool beginner blues lick. It comes out of the E pentatonic minor scale, which is an important one to know for players of all levels. If you’d like further beginner guitar licks […]


Michael Angelo Batio – Learn to Shred in Just 1 Minute

I came across this “guitar lesson” the other day and thought it was worth posting. All you shred monkeys out there will no doubt learn heaps and heaps from this short lesson. One major take-away: alternate picking is a huge efficiency booster, and is absolutely imperative if you’re intended to go fast. Alright – ready […]


Boogie Woogie Riffs

Ever wanted to play a mean boogie woogie riff? Well in this lesson Colin from will teach you exactly that. These boogie woogie riffs are used a lot, in many different styles of music. The shuffle riff comes out of the power chords, and you basically add on the VI note from the scale, […]


Slow Down Fast Riffs & Learn Them Accurately

Have you ever played with an old tape recorder or a turn table? I’m young, but I guess I’m dating even myself by saying that I haveā€¦ technology changes so fast! Those devices were set to play back at a specific speed. If that speed varied, then you would immediately hear the pitch of the […]


Alternate Picking Lesson – Master This

Alternate picking is one of those crucial skills that will really affect how well you play anything else. Very simply, alternate picking is when you alternate between up and down strokes with your picking hand. For this reason, it is also often called Down Up picking. Not exactly rocket science, to be sure, however the […]


96 Rock Licks Review

96 Rock Licks by Steve Stine is one of the cooler courses I’ve had opportunity to review recently. Why would I say that? Well, many guitar courses are geared towards beginners, or intermediate players, or whatever, and as such they try to take a more comprehensive ‘from the ground up’ approach. Personally, as someone who […]


Eric Clapton Licks

This lesson covers a few licks inspired by Eric Clapton’s style. That said, you’re also going to find some BB King influence in this video as well. This lesson covers G major, which is a great blues key. You’ll learn a few little scale boxes that are good to know as well. Once you get […]


Brad Paisley Style Chicken Pickin’ Lick

Here’s a fast chicken pickin lick for you, something that Brad Paisley might play. You’ll need to get your other right hand fingers working for you on this one, to really get the chicken pickin’ lickin’ going on! This lick is in B minor, and has a few tasty chromatic notes in there as well. […]


Country Licks on Guitar

Here’s a cool country guitar lick for you from Bob Ryan and Marty Schwartz. This lick is partially pentatonic, and partially chromatic, and the combination makes it sounds really cool. It’s in the key of A major, and it uses an extension of that major scale pattern. The only thing I’d disagree with Bob on […]


Joe Satriani Style Legato Runs

You know those crazy fast legato licks that Joe Satriani is always playing? Well here’s a great lesson from David Taub teaching you how to do that. In this lesson, he uses G major for the example, however you can of course use these scale patterns in any key you want. The key is to […]